As you see, the english translation of all descriptions, of all routes and chapters is in progress.  We work on it, to translate all sites. The german book "Island per Rad" ("iceland by bike") was the only guide for cyclist for the last 15 years about biking around Iceland. It will be no longer published. Be happy if you find an used-one. I´m planing to publish an english version - at first as an e-book with the title "Biking Iceland" this autumn.



Iceland is a great spot for cycling. It is not so hard like sounds. An increasing number of cyclist from all over the world is coming to Iceland. We like to support you. BikingIceland.com is the new online travel guide to Iceland, started July 2009.



I´m Ulf Hoffmann. I´m the author of the only cycling guidebook "Island per Rad" like "Iceland by bike". This website is a result of all the trips that I have done in the last 21 years in Iceland. 

 The first guidbook was published 1995, the second edition 2001. Nowadays it´s time for a new edition of the only Biking Guide for Iceland worldwide. Unfortunatley only a small part of all the informations on this website is suitable to non-german-speaking people.

I hope, that I will find the time to translate all the informations, esp. the route-desciption. In this guide there 131 different routes. Routes around Iceland on the ringroad, and routes through the interior, to great highlands. In the third version, new routes are added. 91 routes will now describe the "normal" Iceland and the 40 other "the highlands". The routes including a new route from Keflavik to Grindavik (Route 86), a and bypass between Ásbyrgi and Husavik (Route 46) in Northern Iceland. With the dam in the northeast part of Iceland, some thing has changed. The dam creates new routes for bikers. The Route H25 for example is a new one.  Around the highland of the Kjölur-Piste there are new variants (but more for hardbikers).

The Kjölur-Route is the most famous transit route through the highlands. It a easy to cycle, and you can stop in middle of nowwhere for a hot bath in the desert. 

More information about Biking in Iceland you get from my friends of the Icelandic Mountainbike Club. Please visit their website www.ifhk.is. They have a section in English, too. 




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