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The national currency unity is the Icelandic crown, shortened mostly ISK of rare IKR or kr.

A crown (króna) are 100 Aurar. There are coins in the piece lungs 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 ISK. You get notes in piece lungs of 500, in 1000, in 2000 or 5000 ISK. The import of all currencies to Iceland is unlimeted possible. It is advisable to exchange only at arrival at the airport or ferryterminal in icelandic crowns, because the exchange course is better in Iceland.
The exchange of cash or cheques is easily possible. You get money by teller-machines with your Maestro- or Credit-Card. The number of the cash machines increases steadily and allows a 24-hour service. With you start in Keflavík the exchange is easily possible. Practical in Iceland is a credit card (like Visa and Master / Eurocard). You can pay even small contributions of maybe two euros with the credit-card. The discount supermarkets also accepts the crads. The exchange rate fluctuates since the economy crisis very strongly. Partially there was even a black market in Reykjavik, because the exchanges were strongly limited by foreign currencies for Icelanders.

Here for comparison the exchange course from middle of 2008 and in the middle of 2009:

In the middle of 2008: 1,000 EUR = ISK 73.50; ISK 1000 = 14 EUR

In the middle of 2009: 1,000 EUR = ISK 178.89; ISK 1000 = 5.7 EUR

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