Screenshot lmi MapThe National Land Survey of Iceland Landmælinga Íslands has published a new digital map. It is probably the best of Iceland that is currently available for free. It shows all roads and trails, with GPS-points and a scale of 1:50.000.

The mapdata are new and not to compare with the last version of the map IS 50 V. This was very old, was shown only in a small window on your screen and the loading time was very long. 

The new map comes with a scale of the 1:50.000-series, but you can zoom to 1:10.000.

Screenshot lmi Map askja

The new map offers extensive functions: detailed height lines, distance measurements, GPS points as well as other map functions like satellite admissions (from 2002-2007) or also a historical (scanned) road map in the scale of 1:100.000.

Screenshot lmi Map

You can also find villages, farms and places of interest.  A first test show the result of "askja". 2 hits all over Iceland and you get directly to the Askja region, with a point close to the lake Öskjuvatn (you see  the lake in parts on the bottom of the picture).

The satellite pictures a quite good, nevertheless, not exactly as the maps of However, it´s better than the pictures of Google. With in some cases you get better pictures, some so close that you can check out tracks.

Screenshot lmi Map search


The map offers some functions which are briefly explained here:

  • Kort: The map IS 50 V in scale of 1:50.000
  • Atlaskort: shows the historical 1:100.000 map
  • Mynd: shows the satellite pictures
  • Örnefni: set a hook, if you like to see geographical informations on satellite pictures, too.
  • Fæera: if you click her, you move the map with your mouse
  • Fá hnit: shows the GPS-coordinates
  • Mæla: distance-messurement

You find the new map on the side of the land survey office, click here.
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